We always challenge the status quo.

At LOTTO24, we work hard to ensure our values underpin everything we do. We foster a culture of innovation and encourage our people to challenge the status quo. Because we believe in open and honest communication, e.g. via regular updates on relevant topics by our management. And we are committed to continuous learning and collaboration, which includes ‘brown bag sessions’, language lessons, development opportunities and hackathons. We love a vibrant atmosphere and celebrate our achievements through our weekly kitchen party, lively events and our Monday Morning breakfast.

Say hi to your future

colleagues, mentors, friends.

We embrace diversity and work well as a team – but we also allow individuality to shine. You will notice that we have a wide range of age and experience levels, and we are quite a select group of few but excellent people. So we work pretty close together, and some of us also provide – or make use of – individual mentorships, which particularly helps our newbies with a smooth onboarding.

Our employees organize themselves in various groups, e.g. going to the gym together, playing soccer, whisky and gin lovers do regular tastings, and we have a gaming room as well as a “kicker” (Foosball) and table tennis.

This makes us valueable.

Act like an Owner
We are empowered to act like real owners, which means that we make informed decisions by understanding customer needs, opportunity and risk across ZEAL. We get shit done and hold ourselves accountable for the outcome. We stay focused and keep things simple.
Play as a Team
The foundation of our team success is trust and respect – We assume good intentions in our colleague’s words and actions. ZEAL is a safe environment – come as you are. We are transparent, open, and speak our minds even in tough situations. We believe that being humble and showing vulnerability makes us stronger. All of this requires exceptional and diverse people working crossfunctionally.
Be a Game Changer
If you want to change the game, you have to be brave and challenge the status quo. We embrace failures and mistakes along the way. We love crazy new ideas while enjoying the adventure of becoming a best in class e-commerce company and owning the future of lottery.

TGIM: Why we <3

working @LOTTO24.

We have an inviting open office environment based in the beautiful and relaxing Hoheluft district of Hamburg, Germany. This is only scratching the surface on who we are and what we have to offer.

We empower great people to act like owners. This sounds great right? This is how we accomplish this: two days a week are required “in-office” days (Mondays & Thursdays), the remaining days our employees can decide from where they want to work.

As we are living a culture of outcome and trust, we have rewarded this strength by offering unlimited vacation days to be used each year in agreement with your manager. It means a standard allocation of 30 days each year, with no official limit on additional days each year as long as you are delivering as expected.

Wait there’s more…

Each year you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, for up to four weeks per year, in agreement with your manager. Just imagine working remotely from a beautiful island each day for a month a year? If this sounds amazing, that’s because it is!

Here’s a summary of our most important facts & figures about work & life at LOTTO24. We are proud and committed to providing the best possible working conditions you would expect from a leading e-commerce employer.

What are the hard facts?

  • 150+ employees from more than 20 different nationalities
  • Fully flexible working hours
  • Work from home option
  • Full-time contract: 40h/week
  • 20% of our employees work part-time, also in leadership roles
  • Unlimited vacation (minimum 30 days paid annual leave)
  • Average age: 36 years
  • Female representation: 40%

Welcome to our complete list of benefits and perks at LOTTO24. Some of them are must-haves for a working culture that supports innovation, some are nice-to-haves for more joy at work.

Let’s talk about the benefits.

  • Fresh fruit every day
  • Breakfast every Monday
  • Weekly Kitchen Party (WKP)
  • Company & team events
  • Hackathons, Brown Bag Sessions, Meet-ups
  • Company Pension Scheme
  • Gym network discount (Qualitrain)
  • Subsidised on-site massages
  • Subsidised transportation ticket
  • Bike leasing
  • Shopping discounts (Corporate Benefits)
  • Yearly company bonus
  • Development budget for every employee
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP)

Oh, hey btw you can choose your laptop or desktop solution (Mac, Linux or Windows).

Here are some impressions of our office and the surrounding.