Until 13 September 2021, the shares of LOTTO24 AG were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (stock exchange segment: Regulated Market, General Standard; stock exchange symbol: LTT247; ISIN: DE000LTT2470). Until 13 September 2021, LOTTO24 AG was therefore obliged to publish inside information in accordance with Art. 17 of the Market Abuse Regulation. Published insider information must be maintained on our website for a period of at least five years. Accordingly, the inside information published until 13 September 2021 is available below. Effective 14 September 2021, the publication of new inside information has ceased.

Lotto24 AG plans delisting, delisting purchase offer by ZEAL Network SE agreed

(Hamburg, 21 July 2021) Lotto24 AG plans to withdraw from the stock exchange (delisting). For this purpose, Lotto24 AG has concluded a delisting agreement today with ZEAL Network SE which holds approximately 93% of the Lotto24 shares. In this agreement, ZEAL Network SE has undertaken to make an offer to the shareholders of Lotto24 AG […]

Adjusted EBITDA 2020 of LOTTO24 AG significantly above prior year according to preliminary calculations

Hamburg, 26. January 2021) According to preliminary calculations, LOTTO24 AG (lotto24.de, tipp24.com), Germany’s leading online provider of state-licensed and other lotteries, has significantly exceeded the prior-year adjusted EBITDA in fiscal year 2020. Supported, among other things, by the first-time full-year inclusion of the Tipp24 business and the good jackpot development of the German lottery ‘LOTTO […]

Lotto24 continues to grow faster than expected in the third quarter of 2020 and raises its full-year guidance again

(Hamburg, 15 October 2020) According to preliminary calculations, Lotto24 AG (Lotto24.de, Tipp24.com), Germany’s leading online provider of state-licensed lotteries, has now reached the full-year guidance for new registered customers, already raised in July 2020, after the first nine months of 2020 and is again raising its guidance for the fiscal year 2020. Supported, among other […]

Lotto24 raises guidance after strong first half of 2020

(Hamburg, 20 July 2020) According to preliminary calculations, Lotto24 AG (Lotto24.de, Tipp24.com), Germany’s leading online provider of state-licensed lotteries, has not only significantly increased billings but also exceeded its annual target for new registered customers in the Germany segment already in the first half of 2020 supported by a strong EuroJackpot development with correspondingly high […]

Invitation to Annual General Meeting 2020 of Lotto24 AG to vote, inter alia, on ordinary capital reduction and consolidation of shares in a ratio 15 to 1

(Hamburg, 28 April 2020) The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Lotto24 AG today decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting of Lotto24 AG scheduled for 17 June 2020 to implement an ordinary capital reduction pursuant to Sec. 222 et seqq. German Stock Corporation Act and a consolidation of the shares of the […]

Application to change from Prime Standard to General Standard

(Hamburg, 21 November 2019) The Executive Board of Lotto24 AG decided today, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, to apply shortly after the date hereof to the management board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange pursuant to Section 57 of the Exchange Rules for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the revocation of the admission to […]

CEO Petra von Strombeck to leave Lotto24

(Hamburg, 30 September 2019) Petra von Strombeck, CEO of Lotto24 AG, is to step down from her position by mutual agreement and on amicable terms as of 31 December 2019. After twelve years in the lottery business, of which more than seven as CEO of Lotto24 AG, Ms von Strombeck wants to pursue a new […]

Executive Board member Magnus von Zitzewitz to leave Lotto24 on 30 June 2019

(Hamburg, 7 June 2019) Magnus von Zitzewitz, Executive Board member of Lotto24 AG, is to leave the company by mutual agreement and on amicable terms as of 30 June 2019. It was with regret that the Supervisory Board, which was newly constituted after the Annual General Meeting of 4 June 2019, complied with his request […]

Lotto24 exceeds key financials guidance in FY 2018

(Hamburg, 11 January 2019) Due to the very strong development of jackpots in the fourth quarter of 2018 – especially of the EuroJackpot lottery – Lotto24 AG will again exceed its guidance for key financial figures in the fiscal year 2018, most recently upgraded in October last year, according to preliminary estimates: Based on preliminary […]

Lotto24 AG and ZEAL Network SE sign 'Business Combination Agreement'

(Hamburg, 24 December 2018) Today, Lotto24 AG (“Lotto24“), Germany’s leading online provider of state-run lotteries, and ZEAL Network SE, London, (“ZEAL“) signed a business combination agreement (“BCA“) in connection with the public takeover offer by ZEAL announced on 19 November 2018. The Supervisory Board of Lotto24 approved the conclusion of the BCA. In this BCA, […]

Announcement of an all-share takeover offer by ZEAL Network SE to the share-holders of Lotto24 AG

(Hamburg, 19 November 2018) ZEAL Network SE, London, (“ZEAL” or the “Bidder“) today notified the Executive Board of Lotto24 AG, Hamburg, (“Lotto24“; ISIN: DE000LTT0243), of its decision to make a voluntary public takeover offer to all shareholders of Lotto24. Subject to the final determination of the minimum prices and the final terms set forth in […]