Annual General Meeting 2020 of Lotto24 AG

(Hamburg, 17 June 2020) Lotto24 AG (,, Germany’s leading online provider of state-licensed lottery products, today held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Hamburg as a virtual AGM without physical presence of the shareholders or their proxies.

With a total attendance of around 94 percent of voting capital, all items on the agenda were adopted. The agenda included the usual items, such as approving the actions of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board as well as appointing auditors.

In addition, Sebastian Blohm was elected as a member of the Supervisory Board after the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Peter Steiner, resigned from his office at the end of today’s AGM as it is intended that Mr. Steiner will again become chairman of the Supervisory Board of ZEAL Network SE . Sebastian Blohm, born on 24 May 1975, has been with ZEAL Network SE for seven years, most recently as Vice President Public Policy & Market Development. Before he joined ZEAL in 2013 as Global Head of Corporate & Legal Affairs, he was employed for eight years at Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH – first as Press Spokesman, later as Head of Communication & Policy. During his journalism studies in Dortmund, Blohm also worked as a freelance journalist. He also studied business administration in Dortmund, Oviedo (Spain) and Hamburg.

“We would like to thank Mr Steiner for his great commitment and the always constructive cooperation over the past year”, says Carsten Muth, Member of the Executive Board of Lotto24 AG. “We also congratulate Mr. Blohm on his election to the Supervisory Board and wish him the best of luck and success.”

In addition to two amendments to the Articles of Association, the planned capital reduction and the corresponding cancellation of the existing authorised capital and creation of new authorised capital were also approved. The capital reduction serves for the full reduction amount to be booked to the capital reserves of the Company. Due to an existing balance sheet loss and the deferred tax assets reported in the balance sheet, no dividends can currently be distributed for the time being – despite expected future net profits. By reducing the share capital and transferring the amount to the capital reserves, an offsetting item is being created which will enable dividend distributions to be made in the event of future net profits.

Kristin Splieth

Head of Corporate Communications