Lotto24 AG awarded advertising permit

Internet and TV advertising now possible for Lotto24’s online products

(Hamburg, 14 March 2013) Lotto24 AG is one of the first private German companies to receive a permit to advertise its online brokerage of state lotteries on TV and via the Internet. With immediate effect, Lotto24 can now advertise throughout Germany in these media.

Petra von Strombeck, CEO of Lotto24 AG, states: ‘TV and Internet advertising is essential for the success of online companies. We are delighted that the wait is over. We can now finally hit the ground running.’

The permit has been awarded for an initial period of two years. Both the advertising permit and the Advertising Directive of the First State Treaty to Revise the State Treaty on Games of Chance, effective from 1 February 2013, contain restrictions, such as for discounting and social media advertising. Lotto24 expects these restrictions to have no significant adverse effect on the business and to equally affect direct competitors.

Kristin Splieth

Head of Corporate Communications